18 Year Old Amy’s Unbroken Hymen

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As a young girl, Anna’s father was a gardener in St. Petersburg for a mansion owner, where her family lived nearby. Often times, though, she would come to the mansion to work for her father and would find herself alone in the mansion from time to time. Or at least that’s what she thought…

One day, she went into a remote bedroom in the far side of the mansion and felt the urge to satisfy her sexual cravings, which at that time were extremely intense since she has never felt the pulsating throbbing sensation that an erect shaft provides. Feeling her tight ripe pussy getting wetter as she stroked it, imagining a muscular man rubbing his hard cock up and down her teenage navel, she heard a creak and jumped up. It was the mansion owner, hard cock in his hand obviously enjoying the lucky find. He finished pleasuring himself and left Anna alone in the spare bedroom, horny and embarrassed but still leaving the craving for a real cock inside her unsatisfied.

Fast forward to today where 18 year old Anna found Defloration.com and is more than willing to finally not be a virgin anymore. With cute red hair and a smoking body, finding a suitable man for the photoshoot and video was no problem at all. In no time, Anna’s clothes were coming off with her pussy so wet that it could put out a fire. Her cherry was definitely ready to be popped!

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Her hymen breaks, filling Anna’s body with pleasure and regret that she didn’t take the opportunity to experience this amazing feeling sooner. Better late than never!

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